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Since 1990 our family company produces quality and atypical furniture to household and companies.

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Architectural concrete

Architectural concrete gradually found its way into the world of interior furniture. Today it is used in the kitchen, whether in the form of the rear wall or a working table. Similarly, the concrete is used in the manufacture of chairs, tables, coffee tables, shelves, seats, benches, lighting, etc. Find architectural concrete in a modern bathroom is nothing exceptional, except for wall and floor tiles used also in the production of washbasins, bathtubs, shower trays, shelves, counters.

Tristone Solid Surface

Tristone solid surface (artificial stone) is the surface material, which gives wide possibility of using. Thanks to its excellent properties is usable at homes as well as commercial premises. Anything you imagine is possible to produce from artificial stone. It can be cut, machined like wood, glued with no visible connection, decorate, backlights and many more. Further, it can be combined with other materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone. Its easy maintenance predisposes him long life.



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